Stay in a postindustrial historic neighborhood where professionals, working poor, homeless, and artists live side-by-side in the Artist Colony of Zanesville, Ohio. Our focus will be on interfacing the arts with Christian ministry in the community. Artists who live out their message both in lifestyle and artwork are uniquely positioned to get the world's attention. When this message is accompanied by others who are similarly consistent, the voice can be heard from miles away. Find out how a critical mass of creative Christians can be a light for the world! 

Michael Seiler, BFA, MFA: Painter in asphalt and alkyds, adjunct lecturer, life coach.  www.michaelseilerstudios.com
Kathleen Seiler: Poet, and plant prophet.
(You can't look that up)
Hillary Hendricks: BFA, ceramist and painter. 
Outreach coordinator of Immanuel Church Downtown 

We are just a couple 60 somethings and a 20 something working together to change this community. 


"Bricks to Brushes" Artists in Zanesville, OH reimagine and revitalize the city as a meaningful place to live and work: 

Hosted at Artist Abbey, 616 South St. Zanesville, OH 43701
A Queen Ann Victorian home in the Artist Colony of Zanesville.
An hour east of Columbus on I70.
A 2-3 day retreat type opportunity tailored to your needs and interests. All- inclusive unless you want to buy souvenirs or a meal out. Rooms are dorm style or double occupancy. We can accommodate couples.

  • Enjoy Devotional times, prayer walks, Bible studies with the community, and meals together 
  • Participate in small group discussions, small enough to allow you to process your thoughts and feelings, yet know your views will be heard but not judged as right or wrong
  • Savor time for solitary reflection, walks by the river, and cluster in coffee shops where you can sort things out with one or two sympathetic others
  • Visit artists' studios within walking distance and see what an urban space might offer you
  • Expand your personal practice with peer and professional critique
Because artists who are Christians really struggle with the legitimacy of making art. 

Our desire is to create a space for young or seasoned artists to feel the freedom to seek God and work out their personal art/faith dynamic in the context of community. 

Cost: Scalable
When: flexible bookings
We have 2-3 day packages available, as well as 2 week, and 1 month packages.
Contact  with Questions and booking requests: