1. Seilers' gallery space
    Seilers' gallery space
  2. Artist Abbey B&B
    Artist Abbey B&B
  3. downtown alleys
    downtown alleys
  4. Seilers' Studio
    Seilers' Studio
  5. Muskingum River
    Muskingum River
  6. Shows in the studio
    Shows in the studio
  7. Alan Cotrill Studio roof
    Alan Cotrill Studio roof
  8. Artist Abbey B&B, home of your hosts
    Artist Abbey B&B, home of your hosts
  9. Zanesville historical churches
    Zanesville historical churches
  10. meet Merlin the parrot.
    meet Merlin the parrot.
  11. Paul Emory Gallery
    Paul Emory Gallery
  12. The Treehouse Coffee Shop
    The Treehouse Coffee Shop
  13. our neighborhood
    our neighborhood
  14. Immanuel Church
    Immanuel Church
  15. Famous "Y Bridge"
    Famous "Y Bridge"
  16. Immanuel Church
    Immanuel Church
  17. Mike and Kathy Seiler
    Mike and Kathy Seiler
  18. Zanesville: The City of Churches
    Zanesville: The City of Churches
  19. the neighborhood
    the neighborhood
  20. "The Narrows" creative space
    "The Narrows" creative space
  21. The Treehouse
    The Treehouse
  22. Black Hand Gorge
    Black Hand Gorge
    trails near us
  23. 2016 Residency final show
    2016 Residency final show
    Making It Home
  24. Zanesville
    A view from Putnam Hill
  25. Zanesville Courthouse
    Zanesville Courthouse
  26. Evening discussions and games
    Evening discussions and games
  27. community children artists
    community children artists
    at the Annual Summer Block Party
  28. our neighborhood
    our neighborhood
    (the downtown) in the evening
  29. Abandoned storefronts
    Abandoned storefronts
  30. Black Hand Gorge
    Black Hand Gorge